Is your aircon working at its best?

Make sure you have your air conditioning serviced

15 Aug 2016

The air-conditioning system in your car works hard to clean, dry and cool the air – creating a more comfortable driving environment for you and your passengers. Especially useful in the warm summer months it’s also helpful during the winter as it de-mists your windscreen more quickly than normal air blowers. And despite what you might think, air conditioning is less expensive in terms of fuel usage than having your window open.


Is servicing necessary?

Many drivers don’t realise that air-conditioning needs regular servicing to maintain its efficiency and keep them clean. This work is not normally included in a standard car service. It’s estimated that around 10% of the refrigerant in an air-con system escapes each year. This means it needs to be recharged every two years or so to keep it working at full capacity. If left un-serviced, you may also notice a stale smell developing in the car, or allergies becoming aggravated, due to bacteria trapped in the system.


Summer is here, but is your air-conditioning system ready to keep you cool?

Our IMI-approved air-con technicians offer an all-year-round health check and re-gas if required, which replaces the refrigerant used by the system to create cool air. The correct amount of PAG oil is added which keeps the compressor lubricated. If necessary, the UV dye that helps to ensure no leaks are missed is topped up too. Come and see us in your local branch today or head to our air-con page to find out more.

Top tip: Running your air-conditioning all year round (even if not set to cool) will help to keep the system well lubricated and leak free. This is because the refrigerant carries the oil that lubricates the system and the all-important compressor.


Don’t forget to change your pollen filter as a blocked or clogged Pollen filter also means your air-con is having to work twice as hard.