Platinum Batteries - fitting available or take awayCar batteries can fail without any notice, at any time of the year, often leaving the driver stranded.

More often than not, batteries for cars will fail when the weather turns cold. Sometimes a battery may not have quite enough energy to start the car, but it may be in decent condition.

Free Battery Checks

At Fast-Fit we will check your battery, free of charge, to ensure that you are not spending money unnecessarily.

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It may be that your battery requires a good charge. Battery chargers can help keep your battery in good condition and we can advise you on these.

Like us, batteries don’t like the cold weather. Modern cars place extra demands on a car battery as it struggles to run items such as air-con, heated windscreens, heated seats, built-in sat-navs and more. Winter puts more strain on your battery as you’re using your lights, heater and wipers more often.

It’s very important that the battery fitted to your car is powerful enough to get it started in the coldest of weather. Cheaper car batteries may not have the correct CCA (cold cranking amp) rating and will not last.

Guaranteed Service

At Fast-Fit we will make sure that we specify the correct battery for your vehicle. Standard Platinum car batteries are available with a 3 year guarantee, with Platinum Prestige Plus batteries offering a 5 year guarantee. Batteries can be fitted on site or taken away for you to fit yourselves.

If you are unsure about the health of your battery, just pop to your nearest store and we’ll test it free of charge and with no obligation to buy. There may be no need to buy a battery, it might just need charging.

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