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Driving in circles: the importance of wheel alignment

Supertracker wheel alignment


Why is wheel alignment so important?

Wheel alignment refers to the angle of the wheels in comparison to each other and the body of the vehicle.  In short, whether your wheels are pointing in the right direction.  Your car’s wheel alignment can be knocked out simply by hitting a pothole in the road.

Incorrect wheel alignment can cause excess wear and tear on your steering and suspension, as well as ruining your tyres, increasing fuel consumption and poor handling as you drive.


Other advantages of correct alignment include

  • Improved vehicle performance (providing tyre pressure is correct)
  • Extended tyre life
  • Can improve fuel efficiency
  • Safe and predictable vehicle control
  • Less strain and wear on your vehicle


Do I need my wheel alignment checked?

It is recommend to check your wheel alignment and balance every 6,000 miles, but experts advise a check if you notice any of the following:

Consider getting your wheel alignment checked if –

  • Your vehicle doesn’t hold the road well or feels unstable
  • You’re experiencing steering problems including pulling to one side, difficulty turning the steering wheel or the steering wheel isn’t straight while driving
  • Your tyre treads are wearing unevenly or screech when turning
  • You have hit a kerb, pothole or road hazard
  • You have had new tyres installed
  • Your car’s handling and ride comfort is just not what it once was

Trained technicians at all our branches can easily check your wheel alignment using state-of-the-art Supertracker laser alignment technology.

For a free, no obligation, wheel alignment check pop into your local Fast-Fit.

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