27 Jul 2016

We’re pleased to introduce the NEW Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport tyre range, stocked in all our branches. It’s the ideal tyre for the SUV driver. The Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport has been developed with a new asymmetric tread pattern which is specifically designed to cope with the weight of large SUVs. The 4XS Sport benefits […]

25 Jul 2016

The weather has been fluctuating over the passed few weeks and we’ve reached some high temperatures, but over the summer even those of you who are monitoring your fuel consumption and economy will probably be reaching for that air con button. So, you get in switch it on and you’re confronted with the smell reminiscent of a […]

22 Mar 2016

  Why is wheel alignment so important? Wheel alignment effects whether your wheels are pointing in the right direction. However, their effects are not as simple as just driving in a straight line. The correct wheel alignment will improve your vehicles handling. Other advantages of correct alignment include: Improved vehicle performance (providing tyre pressure is […]

09 Mar 2016

With new penalties coming in to penalise motorists using their mobiles while driving we thought the statistics were really interesting… Government research, carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory, found that the number of motorists using a mobile phone behind the wheel has increased since 2009. Most people are texting or checking social media. There has […]

04 Oct 2013

Are you one of the many who worry about jump starting a car when the time comes? Read this to learn why cheap jump leads aren’t necessarily good value, and the dangers associated with jump-starting a car. Jump-starting a car incorrectly can not only cause electrical damage to your vehicle, but it can also be very […]