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Air Con Smells?

Air vents


The weather has been fluctuating over the passed few weeks and we’ve reached some high temperatures, but over the summer even those of you who are monitoring your fuel consumption and economy will probably be reaching for that air con button.

You might be confronted with the smell reminiscent of a rugby team’s wash bag, smelly socks with a hint of mud.

There’s a good reason why your air-con smells worse than the inside of your shoes; mould and bacteria.

Air conditioning can assist mould development in air vents as warm air condenses on the cold vents of your car when the system is turned off.

Most of the condensed water drawn from the air is drained, you will often see water dripping from the drain after the air con has been on for some time.

As the system becomes dirtier this water ‘sticks’ to other contaminants in the system such as pollen and dust where bacteria can grow.

Due to the positioning of components such as the evaporator and the inside of air vents, physical cleaning is not possible.


So what do you do to get rid of that air con smell?

  1. Change your pollen/cabin filter.
    Your cabin filter has probably never been changed yet it is the filter through which your air-con system draws air. If it’s blocked or degraded it will be reducing the economy of your air con system and possibly be allowing contaminants in. Most cabin filters can be changed in a matter of minutes.
  2. Clean your car!
    There’s no good in cleaning your air con of mould if you have it growing under the seats!
  3. Visit your local Fast-Fit branch for an Air Conditioning health check and re-gas
    When we perform a full system re-gas we empty the system completely and refill it with clean gas which will ensure your air-con stays fresher for longer. A full air-con re-gas will take approximately one hour and can be completed while you wait.

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